Containers for sale or hire

Boonah Carrying has shipping containers for sale or hire

If you are looking at hiring or purchasing shipping containers for storage we can assist.  We have access to top grade weatherproof containers ideal for storing furniture and other personal items.  The containers can be transported to you on site by our highly experienced tilt tray operator.

Containers for sale or hire

Our shipping containers are 20ft (6m) and in quality grades A and B.  All of our hire containers are A grade.

Containers for sale or hire

Containers – the ‘quick fix’ storage solution

Shipping containers make a great storage solution.  Here’s why:

  • Portable – Your container can be delivered to your door on our tilt tray truck and positioned pretty much  wherever you need it.
  • Instant storage – No time to spend waiting for a shed to be built?  Get your container delivered within days and start sorting out your storage needs.
  • Strong and durable – Containers are built from solid steel so you won’t need to worry about them blowing away in a storm.  They’re built to withstand the rigors of ocean voyages and road and rail transport.
  • Versatile – Containers are suitable  for all types of storage.  With the right modifications you can even live in them!
  • Compact and modular – Due to their regular shape they can fit in all sorts of spaces and can be readily placed inside larger sheds.
  • Secure – Solid steel doors are fully lockable.
  • Cost-effective – With prices starting from $2900, containers are an economical solution to your storage requirements.

container delivery
Boonah Carrying Co offers a range of containers for sale or hire and ready for immediate delivery.  Call us on (07) 5463 1086 for a quote.

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