Euro 5 emissions standard compliant vehicles

Euro 5 UD 8 tonne truck

Euro 5 Isuzu UD 8 tonne truck – click for larger image

Boonah Carrying Co is  working on reducing the emissions from our fleet. To help achieve this we are progressively upgrading our fleet to Euro 5 emissions standard rated vehicles.

The Euro 5 emissions standard sets stringent emission limits for commercial vehicles. Boonah Carrying Co is actively investing in new Nissan UD PK series 8 tonne trucks with the view to replacing our entire fleet with Euro 5 or 6 rated vehicles.

More about the Euro 5 emissions standard

Euro 5 (and Euro 6) are emissions standards for cars and light commercial vehicles covering the number of pollutants, especially nitrogen oxides and particulate pollutants that the vehicle can produce.

Emissions from diesel vehicles

Here’s what the Euro 5 standard means for diesel engines.

Emissions levels must not exceed:

  • carbon monoxide: 500 mg/km;
  • particulates: 5 mg/km (80 % reduction of emissions in comparison to the Euro 4 standard);
  • nitrogen oxides (NOx): 180 mg/km (20 % reduction of emissions in comparison to the Euro 4 standard);
  • combined emissions of hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides: 230 mg/km.

Retrieved 27 Jun 2014